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A5 promotion is a marketing agency that consists of a complete marketing package including online and offline marketing. Our little dream factory is powered by a team of remarkable professionals who live and breathe marketing over a long period of time, which is visible by our outstanding reviews. We design complete marketing campaigns and marketing solutions, all in one place.

Not too much content
Not too much content

If you are creating different content every day on your social network you are actually trying to convey to your target group 5 different stories simultaneously, hoping that they remember…

Who is counting the likes?
Who is counting the likes?

The page likes metric became the metric of vanity. How many Facebook users actually visit your Facebook page and keep track of your followers? Interesting data to check. The engagement…

The value of content in marketing
The value of content in marketing

According to unverified data, over 500 statuses are fighting for a spot in your newsfeed in every moment. This data from way back was allegedly discovered by a Facebook engineer.…