Video Production

We offer professional access and top-notch video and television production. We offer everything from creating the idea to the final product. We gather a team of experienced specialists in the media world from local and international areas. We cooperate with copywriters, lectors, language experts, make-up artists, camera crews, photographers, models, actors, directors, sound engineers, composers. Everything you need in one place.

What do we do?

We film and compose all interesting manifestations and concerts. We produce commercials, ad campaigns including photography, press, presentation and organizing the event. We make DVDs, upload the videos on YouTube, Vimeo and other online services. We also do TV production.

Design has reached its peak in graphic art as well as in photography. We decided to design even in the video segment. Nowadays it is not enough just to film an event or a commercial. First you have to make a design, coordinate it with the visual idea, adjust the design to the web, brochures and the identity of the client.

Webstream – live on the internet

Webstrem is an audio and video transmitter via the internet, which makes it equivalent to transfer radio and television programme. It can also transmit live, meaning that the content is delivered on the platform in real time, on existing social networks.

Through webstreaming we offer live feeds of many events including concerts, sport events, carnivals, congresses, seminars and various other events. You can also promote your products and services, do online classes, religious ceremonies etc. No matter the type of event you want to stream, with our tools we are able to help you manage your stream and communicate with your viewer base.

Live feeds can be very beneficial in wide application. You can appeal to your potential buyer base, promote different events, provide information to a broader audience etc. The possibilities are limitless. Many companies use live feeds so they can directly communicate with their partners and their client base which help amplify their viewer base.

Take a look at some of our work: